2018 Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Procedures for Henan University

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I. Qualification of Candidate

1.Applicant must be a Non-Chinese citizen;

2.Applicants should be in good physical and mental health, of good character, and have excellent academic performance;

3.Applicants are interested in engaging in Chinese Language education, teaching, and international promotion of Chinese Language related work;

4.Applicants should be 16-35 years of age (as of September 1st, 2018). Applicants who currently hold a position as a Chinese language teacher are an exception to this requirement and must be 45 years of age or younger. Applicants for the BTCSOL scholarship should be, under normal circumstance, no more than 25 years of age.

II.                  Scholarship Categories and Application Conditions






Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Two years

Bachelor’s Degree

HSK(level five) 210, HSKK(intermediate)60


Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Four years

High school diploma

HSK(level four) 210, HSKK(intermediate)60

One-Academic-Year Students

Note: Students already studying in China are not eligible for this scholarship

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

11 months

HSK(level three)270 HSKK

Chinese Language And Literature

11 months

HSK(level four)180 HSKK(intermediate)60

Chinese Language Learning

11 months

HSK(level three)180

One-Semester Students

Note: Students holding X1 or X2 visas are ineligible for this scholarship

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

5 months

HSK(level three)210, HSKK

Chinese Language And Literature

5 months

HSK(level three)210, HSKK

Tai-Chi Culture

5 months


Four-Week Students

Confucius Institute Special

4 weeks

Students with HSK scores organized by the Confucius Institute as a team and 10-15 students can constitute one class

III.                Scholarship Coverage

The Confucius Institute Scholarship includes: tuition, accommodation fees, living allowance (with the exception of four week scholarship students), and comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China. The aforementioned living allowance is as follows:

a. CNY 2,500 per month for Bachelor’s Degree Students, One-Academic-Year Students and One-Semester Students.

b. CNY 3,000 per month for Master’s Degree Students.

IV.                The Application Deadline

1.April 20th (Study starts in July)

2. June 20th (Study starts in September)

3. December 20th (Study starts in March 2019)

V.                  The Application Process

1.Apply online

Starting from March 1st, 2018, Applicants must login into the Confucius Institute Scholarship website http://cis.chinese.cn/account/login, fill out the “Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form”, and attach electronic, scanned copies of required documents; At the same time applicants should also do the same procedures on Henan University Application System (http://applyonline.henu.edu.cn/member/login.do).

2.Contact and select the recommending institutions

Applicants can visit the Confucius Institute Scholarship website http://cis.chinese.cn/account/loginto inquire about and select recommended institutions.

3.Recommending institutions review and recommend qualified students to study at our school;

4.Our school examines the admission qualifications of applicants and conducts merit-based pre-admission;

5.Admittance is competitive and an overall assessment and acceptance of applicants will be conducted by the Hanban Institute. Admission results are normally announced 2 months before school begins.

6. Scholarship recipients must confirm their intent to study abroad with Henan University, afterwards their Admission Notice and materials will be posted. Students can print their scholarship certificate online.

VI.                Chinese Bridge Winners

  If you have won a 2018 “Confucius Institute Scholarship Certificate” from a Chinese Bridge competition, please visit the following links in order to submit your certificate and other materials. Please submit materials to both the Henan University websitehttp://applyonline.henu.edu.cn/member/login.doand the Confucius Institute Scholarship websitehttp://cis.chinese.cn/account/login.

VII. Application Materials

1. Scanned copy of your passport photo page.

2.Scanned copy of your HSK, HSKK result report (valid for two years).

3.Recommendation letter signed by the head of the institution reccomending the appicant.

4.A copy of the applicant's highest diploma recieved (or pre-graduation certificate) and school transcripts.

5. The MTCSOL Scholarship applicants are required to submit two reference letters from professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English). Applicants who have teaching positions lined-up after graduation are preferred.

6. Chinese Language teachers must attach proof of employment and recommendation letter from the employer.

7.Foreigner Physical Examination Form or Blood Examination Report or notarized photocopy.   

8.Certificate of Non-criminal Record or notarized photocopy.

9.Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit proof of entrustment signed by a guardian in China.

Note: Documents that are in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated to either Chinese or English and then notarized.

VII.              Contacts

contact personMr.Han Rencheng       

contact phone86-15937828496

email address153499395@qq.com